Outsourced CFO Services

Salitra Consulting is a boutique consulting firm focused on C-level finance and operations support for emerging and early-stage technology companies, and small-to-mid sized companies experiencing significant growth.

Though our client focus is primarily SaaS-based technology companies, we also serve life sciences/biotechnology organizations, professional service, and other organizations.

CFO engagements range from specific projects to serving in a long-term fractional capacity. Engagement focus ranges from operational assessments/improvements and department turnarounds to working with senior management on strategic financial planning, corporate restructuring, both equity & debt fund-raising, growth management issues/strategies and exits. We also engage in an advisory capacity for those clients with more established finance departments.

In our long-term fractional engagements, we also oversee our client’s accounting and finance function ensuring timely, accurate and relevant reports to the CEO and board. These engagements can typically last several years until our clients have grown to the point where they need a full-time CFO. And when our clients are ready to transition to a full-time CFO, we assist, as needed, in the search and work with the incoming CFO to ensure a seamless transition.

Also, when needed, we help our early-stage clients with initial accounting system set-up and staffing to ensure that they have the right personnel on hand to handle all the day-to-day work. We do this by working with our trusted partners who can provide either outsourced accounting services or recruiting services for direct hires.

Salitra Consulting stands ready to support its clients at all stages of their growth.